After Beating Thai Boxer Panya Uthok, Daud Jordan Announces Change of Nickname

INDOSPORT.COM – Daud Jordan recently announced that he had changed his nickname after defeating Panya Uthok in the match boxing.

David Jordan successfully defeated a boxer from Thailand, Panya Uthok in the MPRO Evolution Fight Series match, Friday (01/07/22).

The match which took place at Balai Sarbini, South Jakarta, was a decisive event for Daud Jordan in defending the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver super lightweight belt.

Even though Panya Uthok At the beginning of the match, he looked strong in response to a blow from Daud Jordan, but in the end he fell three times in the sixth round.

As a result, David Jordan managed to win by KO. The victory successfully made him defend the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver super lightweight belt.

One thing that is interesting beyond the victory of Daud Jordan against Panya Uthok. After the match, the boxer from West Kalimantan announced a new nickname for him.

During his career in the boxing scene, it is known that Daud Jordan was often called Cino, a nickname that came from his former coach.

But now, David Jordan admits that the nickname Cino will no longer be perched on his last name.

“Okay guys, from tonight onwards I will no longer use the name Cino as my nickname, but change to The People Champion Jordan,” said Daud Jordan to the media crew after the match.

Daud Jordan also certainly has his own reasons for eliminating the name Cino which has been attached to the ears of the Indonesian people.

Daud Jordan’s new nickname was also actually displayed at the time he welcomed him into the ring match against Panya Uthok last night.

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“The reason for choosing the name is because I belong to the people, not to myself. So The People Champion means the champion of the community, so I feel that I belong to the people of Indonesia,” concluded Daud Jordan.

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