After being inactive for a month due to damage, the Hubble Telescope is back in operation


The Hubble Telescope stopped operating on June 13, 2021. – To obtain various information about space, scientists use telescope who is on duty in space.

Duty telescope this is to get information about space, such as new planets, space events, to information about black holes.

One of telescope NASA’s legendary who is currently still serving in space is Telescope Hubble.

Telescope Hubble is also tasked with creating a 3-dimensional map of dark matter in the universe.

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But on June 13 last, the Hubble Telescope suffered a malfunction that put it in safe mode.

After about a month in safe mode, the Hubble Telescope is back to normal operation.

Wow, what damage did the Hubble Telescope do to put it in safe mode, huh?

The Hubble Telescope Stopped Operation On June 13, 2021 Then

On June 13, 2021 ago, the Hubble Telescope reportedly stopped operating and stopped all space observation tasks it was doing.

NASA then did various ways to get the Hubble Telescope back to operate normally.

However, various methods used by NASA scientists did not succeed in making the Hubble Telescope operational again.

Even the damage to the Hubble Telescope this time is considered the end of the Hubble Telescope which has been in service for more than 20 years.

After observing the damage suffered by the Hubble Telescope, it is estimated that the damage occurred because the main power control unit on this telescope experienced an overvoltage.

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Backup Computer Used to Replace a Damaged Computer Komputer

Every component in the Hubble Telescope, including the computer, has a backup in it.

So if the main component is damaged, then the spare component can replace it.

So to keep the Hubble Telescope operational, the NASA team used a backup computer inside the telescope.

This way to use the backup computer on the Hubble Telescope has been successful, my friends.

After the replacement of the computer on the Hubble Telescope was completed, NASA scientists then carried out data transfer from the main computer to the backup computer.

Furthermore, the Hubble Telescope can exit safe mode and return to normal operation.

Hubble Is NASA’s Legendary Telescope

Hubble is referred to as one of NASA’s legendary telescopes currently operating in space.

Why is the Hubble Telescope called a legendary telescope, huh?

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This turns out to be because the Hubble Telescope has served in space for 31 years, lo!

The Hubble Telescope was launched into space on April 24, 1990.

The launch of the Hubble Telescope was originally planned to be carried out in 1986. However, because it was deemed not ready, the launch was postponed.

NASA considers that currently the Hubble Telescope is getting old and is preparing a replacement for the Hubble Telescope, namely the James Webb Telescope.

The plan, the James Webb Telescope will be launched in November 2021.

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