The ISSSTE Family Medicine Clinic in the Torreón Residencial neighborhood will undergo a sanitation process for services, in such a way that the personnel must be absent from their work area while cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces.

Diagnostic tests of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) will also be carried out on all workers who are working in this institution during this health contingency, in addition to the Continuing Medical Education regarding the pandemic and its evolution.

The above, in response to the concern expressed by the working base of this health unit because two deaths were already registered by COVID-19 (the director and a secretary) as well as an alleged outbreak that, according to them, is causing a increase in infections since to date, there are supposedly 20 workers who have tested positive for the virus.

Mayela Alvarado, attached to the general secretariat of Section XI of the ISSSTE Workers Union (SNTISSSTE) reported that a meeting was held with the authorities of the clinic from which some agreements regarding the complaint made recently by the workers emerged. “We worked with the administrator and the person who is currently the desk manager in the clinic office to analyze all the problems and right now she did stay to sanitize the clinic for services, that is, for example, in the operating room, she leaves to sanitize and the staff that day will not go and so on, the same file, pharmacy, the same procedure will be followed, “she said. She indicated that the Union of Workers will donate sprinklers to sanitize the clinic areas as soon as possible. She said she did not know the number of employees who have tested positive for the virus, which is why the Union asked the ISSSTE authorities for a detailed report on the number of infections within the health unit.

More information in the printed edition.


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