After Cristiano Ronaldo’s family moved to London… Will the meeting take place between Yasmine Sabry and Georgina Rodriguez?

Football player decisionCristiano RonaldoHis decision to return to his former club Cristiano Ronaldo, as he and his family will move from Italy, as he was playing for Juventus, to London, Britain. Habiba thanked the famous supermodelGeorgina RodriguezEveryone who helped them during their stay in Italy indicated that she looked forward to living in England.
On the other hand, the Egyptian actressYasmine SabryOn a European tour with her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, they visited Monaco and he was.. Some believe that Cristiano’s move to London may facilitate the process of meeting Georgina and Yasmine Sabry, especially since Abu Hashima has a close relationship with Cristiano, who previously cooperated with him in some works, while Yasmine is visiting London from time to time.
It is noteworthy that the comparison between Yasmine Sabry and Georgina Rodriguez has turned into a conversation among the followers due to the convergence of their style of clothing and the purchase of international brands.


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