After Epic Games, it’s the turn of Japanese developers to criticize Apple’s monopoly

The discontent mounts against Apple while the Cupertino company is critiqued for its dominant position since Epic Games’ recent complaint. In question, the fact that the developers are in l’obligation to go through the App Store to offer applications on iOS, and therefore comply with the 30% commission of the American company. A situation that will have pushed Epic Games to infringe Apple’s rules by offering its own payment solution on Fortnite, and therefore its ban from the App Store. A trade war that takes place in court, while justice gives Apple the winner at the moment, before final judgment – but prevents it from blocking the Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games.

And today, after facebook, it’s the developers’ turn Japanese of speak out.

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The latter also criticize the position dominant d’Apple.

Japanese developers want to be heard

Apple’s dominant position is disturbing, while Germany is going to look into its case. Japanese developers are also critical of the 30% commission, but go much further in this regard. They believe that Apple is not really transparent about App Store rules, communicates little and makes decisions steep. It is in particular Makoto Shoji, who created the PrimeTheory, who returns to this relationship judged unbalanced « like a slave asking his master what he wants from now on« .

Apple’s app approval system is often blurry, not very transparent and irrational. Apple’s response to developers is consistently abrupt and catch-all, but despite this, you owe it to yourself to stay courteous.

The Japanese developers do not hide it: they want Epic Games to win its legal fight against Apple. A fight in which the Cupertino company is victorious, for the moment, before the final judgment. As for the vague rules of Apple, the Japanese developers evoke a specific example, that of characters in swimsuits that the American company asks to modify with like pretext a sexual character.

Epic Games therefore receives big supports worldwide. Support that comes from Japanese developers, Facebook, but also Spotify or Tinder. Companies which, in a constant trade war, intend to do well plier Apple.


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