After failed collective bargaining threatens strikes


In 2017, Deutsche Bank decided not to sell Postbank but to integrate it into the Group.

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Frankfurt The Deutsche Bank subsidiary Postbank faces new strikes. The union Verdi declared collective bargaining on Tuesday to have failed. The union said the bank's recent bid for the approximately 12,000 Postbank collective agreement employees was unacceptable.

"Anyone who submits in the third round of negotiations a salary increase below the expected rate of inflation and thus devaluates the salaries, instead of raising them adequately, calls for a very clear reaction from the employees," said Verdi board member Christoph Meister. The union will now start a ballot on strikes.

According to union information, the employer recently offered to raise salaries by 1.7 percent from 1 April 2020, by 1.0 percent from 1 July 2021 and by 1.0 percent from 1 February 2022. Verdi, on the other hand, is demanding, among other things, an increase in salaries of seven percent, at least € 200, for a term of twelve months. Negotiations are taking place for some 12,000 employees at parts of DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank, Postbank Filialvertrieb and BHW-Kreditservice and other subsidiaries.

In 2017, Deutsche Bank decided not to sell Postbank but to integrate it into the Group. In the course of this, another 2,000 jobs should be eliminated by 2022.

More: Deutsche Bank is expanding its distribution for corporate customers, but the Postbank brand will be maintained in the future. The new head of Germany is Stefan Bender.

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