After “Hurricane”, Zhang Yi played the criminal police suspense drama “Who is He” and landed on CCTV

“Made in Wuhan” suspense drama “Who is he” landed on CCTV[After “Hurricane”, Zhang Yi will play the criminal police again]

“Just watched him face off against the gang leader Gao Qiqiang, and now I see him chasing the murderer for 8 years and helping the victims get justice…” “Hurricane” as a phenomenon-level hit drama ended not long ago, Zhang Yi, the actor who played the role of the criminal policeman An Xin , and starred as a criminal policeman in the suspense drama “Who is He”. On the evening of March 14, this 24-episode public security-themed drama landed on CCTV-8 channel.

The reporter learned on March 14 that “Who Is He” was “made in Wuhan”.

Eight years of police mission to arrest criminals and keep watch

Liao Zhilun, head of the co-producer Wuhan Qingtong Films, told reporters: “Who is He” mainly tells the story of the perseverance of the criminal police headed by Wei Guoping (played by Zhang Yi) and the fighting of wits and courage by the criminal group.

In 1988, the criminal police officer Wei Guoping witnessed the sacrifice of his comrades in the pursuit of a serial murder case, and the escape of the murderer became a knot in his heart that he could not let go of. Eight years later, the appalling case of corpse dismemberment occurred in Ningjiang City. As the captain of the criminal police, Wei Guoping pursued the truth, and many clues pointed to the old case eight years ago…

The “Rainy Night” version of the trailer released by the play party is full of texture, strong rhythm, and fast flashback images, paired with thrilling and treacherous music, and horrifying opening questions, the suspenseful atmosphere is straight-lined. The old case remains unsolved, and a new case arises again. The fast-paced, high-reversal brain-burning plot, meticulous detailed reasoning, and interlocking case settings, in the suspicious serial murder case, let the audience see the black and white, and show the human nature. A contest between hearts.

Liao Zhilun said that in addition to suspense, the play also has reflections on emotions, social issues and many other aspects, bringing the audience richer content to watch. In the play, Wei Guoping faced many obstacles across eight years, but never gave up on the pursuit of the murderer, and fought wits and courage with criminals, demonstrating the spirit of the people’s police to stick to their responsibilities and missions and uphold legal justice. On the basis of investigating the case, the play fully taps the emotional tension of the characters to make the characters more lively and popular, and is committed to presenting a suspenseful drama with warmth and depth.

Chen Yuxi, Ding Yongdai, Yu Haoming, Zhao Yang, Liu Guanlin and other powerful actors are also quite interesting.

The behind-the-scenes main creative team is also powerful: director Ding Hei is the producer of the show, Bao Chengzhi is the director, art director Ding Guoli, and styling director Ren Manli. This is another collaboration between the four after “Police Honor”, and they are known as the ace team. Strong cooperation; the screenwriters are Wu Di and Li Fang from Daydream Drama Creation Studio. Their representative film “Above the Cliff” Douban score is as high as 7.8 points, and they are very familiar with suspense and criminal investigation story creation.

To put more “Wuhan stories” on the screen

Liao Feiwen, chairman of Wuhan Qingtong Films, said that following the successful landing of “Who Is He” on CCTV, many “Made in Wuhan” film and television projects will be launched this year.

Among them, “Dedicating Everything to the Party” with the theme of Wu Yunduo’s heroic and exemplary deeds is a red film that Wuhan Qingtong Films has devoted itself to digging out good stories in Wuhan and developing incubation under the guidance of Hubei Province’s “14th Five-Year” TV drama key topic selection plan. Gene drama. With Wu Yunduo, a famous ordnance expert, as the core of the group portrait, the play presents a panoramic view of the glorious history of China’s ordnance industry from scratch, from existence to largeness, and from large to strong since the War of Resistance Against Japan.

“Dedicating Everything to the Party” has basically completed the script creation, and reported to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television for approval, and strives to launch this summer. The artistic director of the play is Zeng Qingrui, a famous film and television critic, and the chief producer is Zhang Qian, the producer of “Soldier Assault”.

Another contemporary urban theme drama “Old Neighbors”, the theme song “The Story is Different” has been created, with lyrics by Fang Wenshan and music by Chinese music producer Wu Qinglong. Liao Feiwen hoped to capture the sense of age and storytelling, and created a Wuhan version of “Love in a Courtyard”.

Hubei writer Liu Yishan’s novel “The Story of the Bowl and Spoon” is based on the story of the “War of Wuhan” and the “Zhongshan Ship” in 1938. Qingtong Films is also planning to put it on the big screen; Co-produced “Smoke and Rain”, showing the legendary history of Wuhan as the “Red Capital” before and after the “August 7th Conference”.

Beijing-based reporter Ke Li

“Wuhan Evening News” March 15, 2023, page 12

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