After Kinder, food experts hold their breath: “Further scandals are to be feared”

Controls that raise questions, a shortage of raw materials that challenges.

The two food scandals which simultaneously affect Ferrero (Kinder) and Nestlé (Buitoni) raise the question of the hygiene and food safety of large manufacturers.

“A big company like Kinder needs to lock down its product self-checking system much more, what happened is very concerning, emphasizes Nicolas Korsak, associate professor at the University of Liège and specialist in food safety and hygiene. In some cases, this can challenge the dogma that the business should handle all of these issues on its own. We can assume that there has been a relaxation in the quality and severity of these checks, which are often due to a lack of means”.

The Italian confectionery giant Ferrero, whose factory in Arlon saw its production suspended following a hundred cases of salmonellosis, is recalling Kinder products, even as far away as New Zealand.

It must be said that several dozen cases of salmonellosis have been detected in Europe

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