After losing point in ‘Dança’, Paolla Oliveira sends a message to Carlinhos de Jesus

Paolla Oliveira sends a message to Carlinhos de Jesus after losing point in ‘Super Dance of the Famous’

The actress Paolla Oliveira (39) rocked a lot last weekend and got the highest marks in the dispute for the Super Dance of the Famous.

On the stage of Globo’s attraction, the artist shone in the paso doble and threw herself into funk, leaving the judges and viewers aghast with her performance in the semifinals of the competition.

“Can I say something I couldn’t say because I was out of breath and nervous? There’s no way to do a good thing if our partner doesn’t create a good thing. So I wanted to thank you…” said the famous one to her teacher Leandro no Gshow portal.

After losing points in the opinion of Carlinhos de Jesus (68), Paolla also sent a message to the technical judge behind the scenes of the program.

“Just a minute I’ll make a square of eight for Carlinhos”, joked the actress who was charged by the choreographer about the lack of the square in her performance in the funk rhythm.

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