Business After masks and disinfectants: Aldi sells so-called hygiene hooks...

After masks and disinfectants: Aldi sells so-called hygiene hooks for only 99 cents

Hand hygiene is immensely important in Corona times. After Aldi had an enormous number of customers with its disinfectants and masks (CHIP reported), this could also apply to the hygiene hooks from May 28th.

We have the most important questions and answers:

What is a hygiene hook? With these hooks you can open doors, press stop buttons in buses and trams, press light switches, open toilet lids or type in your PIN in the card reader at the supermarket checkout, without having to use your hand or fingers yourself. It may even be possible to push shopping trolleys with it.

What does the catch at Aldi cost? The discounter sells the hygiene hook for 99 cents from May 28th. An unbeatable price when you look at common alternatives (see below).

Will it also be available from Aldi Nord? No, the Aldi Nord press office informed CHIP that the article is currently not planned there.

What material is the hook made of? The hook is manufactured by Priomold from Baden-Württemberg – a company that specializes in injection molding technology plastic specialized.


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