News After moving: "Flower of Hawaii" has opened again -...

After moving: “Flower of Hawaii” has opened again – Nuremberg

Famous cocktail bar can now be found on the wine market

11/16/2019 11:22 AM

New location for “The Flower of Hawaii”, which Zack Stingl and Franzi Hartmann are now running at the wine market.

© Edgar Pfrogner

“The biggest concern of many guests was that the new rooms were too big,” says Zack Stingl, who, together with bar boss Franzi Hartmann, runs the “Blume”, which is known for its signature tiki cocktails. For six weeks they rebuilt the former “Etzerdla”, a long, color-lit bar made of concrete tiles was created, in the back part you can sit comfortably at tables. The walls are adorned with specially designed wallpaper, which was developed from a scanned Hawaiian shirt. The other side was covered with bamboo braid folders. Large-format pictures with exotic ladies and tikis provide Hawaii flair.

The menu has remained the same with around 30 cocktails, including several that Zack and Franzi created themselves. Such as “The Flower” (10 euros), “a secret of plantation rum, ginger beer and many others.” At the opening ceremony there was an admission stop after two hours. The guests have rediscovered their “flower” for themselves.

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The Flower of Hawaii, Weinmarkt 16, Nuremberg, open Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m., Sunday / Monday closed.


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