After NVIDIA terminated the driver update for the Kepler architecture, AMD also terminated the driver update for the GCN architecture GPU #radeon (162495)

Although there are still many players still using GPUs of multiple generations ago, after all, with the new generation of architectures and operating systems constantly updated, it is difficult to maintain a large number of old products, and after NVIDIA announced that it will terminate After the Kepler architecture is updated, AMD will also say goodbye to using GCN architecture GPU products such as Radeon 7000, Radeon 200, Radeon 300 and Radeon Fury. The new version of the driver will no longer support GCN architecture in the future.

▲ Radeon Fury is the first product to introduce HBM memory in consumer products

The first product with GCN architecture is the Radeon 7000 series, which has been more than 11 years, and even if it is the last generation of GCN Radeon Fury, it is also a 2015 product. Today, I am afraid that even mid-level GPUs within 10,000 yuan have far surpassed the original flagship products. However, Radeon Fury was the first to introduce HBM memory in consumer products that year. It is also considered a pioneering work. Recently, with the obvious changes in the currency circle, consumers should be expected to buy a new generation of GPU products that are normally available at normal prices. Correct.


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