After seeing E. Tubutis, it became an impossible puzzle for K. Maksvytis and led to a dramatic victory.

FIBA won a dramatic victory in the second round of the European Cup Einar Tubutis at Arūnas Mikalauskas represented by Zeiden Leiden (2/1) of Leiden, who is a guest 91:88 (24:17, 21:28, 15:23, 31:20) forced the surrender of the Parma of Perm (2/1) with Adu Juškevičius at Eigirdu Žukauskas and coached by Kazys Maksvytis.

Two judges from Lithuania – Gintaras Vitkauskas and Gintaras Mačiulis – also worked in this duel.

E.Tubutis, who organized the season, threw 19 points in 31 minutes (6/8 double, 2/5 trit., 1/2 penalty), rebounded 10 and took over 1 ball, made 5 assists, blocked 2 throws, twice broke the rules and made a mistake and scored 29 utility points.

In A.Mikalauskas’ account in 26 minutes – 9 points (3/5 double, 0/1 trit., 3/3 penalty), rebounded 5 and took over 1 ball, made 3 assists, made 3 mistakes and violated the rules and scored 12 utility points.

In the ranks of “Parma”, E.Žukauskas scored 11 points in 22 minutes (0/2 double, 3/5 trit., 2/2 penalties), made 2 effective passes, once made a mistake and violated and scored 8 utility points.

A.Juškevičius scored 11 points in 23 minutes (1/3 double, 3/5 trit.), Rebounded 2 balls, made 2 assists, made 5 mistakes and scored 6 utility points.

In addition to E. Tubutis, Asbjoern Midtgaard, who scored 18 points (6 p.m.), stood out in the ZZ Leiden team. Parma was led by 19-point Yevgeny Voronov and Jeremiah Hill (7th ed.).

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