After TFAS, BBHI & DMMX, here are the stocks that are predicted to give fantastic profits

Reporter: Ika Puspitasari | Editor: Adi Wikanto

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. This year, the shareholders of TFAS from PT Telefast Indonesia Tbk, PT Allo Bank Indonesia Tbk (BBHI) and PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (DMMX), which have been holding it since last year, have made huge profits. The stock prices of TFAS, BBHI, and DMMX soared, resulting in fantastic profits. After the three stocks above, what other stocks can provide fantastic profits?

Stocks that provide fantastic profits because prices soar are called stocks multibagger. In general, stock multibagger is a stock with with high gains to over 100%.

This year, TFAS stock is the champion as a stock multibagger. TFAS share price has skyrocketed by 2,844.44% year to date (ytd). Then BBHI shares, with a price soaring of 1.692% ytd. Then DMMX shares, the price rose to 1.048% ytd.

Philip Securities analyst Michael Filbery explains, stocks multibagger are stocks that have strong fundamentals and growth factors. In addition, the price is lower than its fair value, and offers return which is many times over.

“This is different from fried stocks, which have a very high level of volatility but are not supported by good fundamental conditions, so of course they have a barrier very high risk,” said Michael, Monday (27/9).

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The same thing was also conveyed by Hendra Martono Liem, CEO and Founder ARA Hunter at the Indonesia Financial Expo & Forum 2021 (IFEF 2021). He explained that the stock multibagger at least give a profit of 10 times. Apart from the stock price, market participants must also look at the fundamentals.

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Hendra added, stocks multibagger It has a lower valuation than similar industries.

Michael predicts, there are a number of stocks that have the potential to become stocks multibagger. From the banking sector, he sees that there are shares of BBNI, BMRI, BNGA, and BDMN that have the potential to become multibagger stocks or give fantastic profits.

Then from the oil and gas industry, there are PGAS, ELSA, MEDC, AGII shares as candidates for multibagger shares. From the coal mining sector there are PTBA, ADRO, ITMG as potential shares multibagger. From the technology sector, there are OPEN stocks as stock candidates multibagger.

According to him, these stocks have good performance historical which is quite positive and supported by broad growth potential. The condition of the Covid-19 pandemic made the movement of the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) quite depressed, causing these stocks to be corrected. In fact, these shares are now below their fair value.

With a fairly cheap valuation, Michael sees, these stocks have the potential to provide return big enough in the future.

For investors looking for stocks multibagger, he suggests for buy and hold these shares are in line with the growth of the issuer’s performance. “This strategy is certainly different from the way you play on fried stocks, where the increase is sometimes drastic but does not reflect” value from the issuer,” he added.

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As for stocks with price increases of up to thousands of percent, according to Michael, these stocks are not yet worthy of being labeled as stocks. multibagger because the average already has a much more expensive price than value-nya.

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As for some stocks that experienced the highest increase to thousands of percent, such as TFAS, BBHI, DMMX, TECH, BABP, ABBA, PEGE, and MPPA.

“In my opinion, technology stocks are still less attractive. Because the average business does not have the support of a strong digital business ecosystem,” concluded Michael.

That’s a stock recommendation that has the potential to become a multibagger stock. Remember, disclaimer on, all investment risks on the stock recommendations above are your own responsibility. Good luck!

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