After the absence .. The return of the stars of the 90s on the scene, especially Mohammed Fouad and Hisham Abbas - the seventh day

The musical scene witnessed during the last period, the absence of a certain number of singers, but decided to come back again after the completion of the preparation of their albums, in this line we monitor the most important stars of the singers back.

Mohamed Mohy

He was one of the most famous singers in the 90s. His first album was Ana Habit, and a year later he released the album Les Habib and then the album "A & # 39; abak" two years later, which yields Mahi is one of the most famous singers in Egypt and in the Arab world. Dubbed "Mazloum" and also presented a duet with the Black Tema team through the song "Rawi".

Mohamed Mohie


One of the most famous voices was characterized by a different voice and performance, making it very popular in the eighties and nineties, including Habitk, Nadani, Tiji Nghani, Abin Zain, Kaddab and Anushka. After an absence, he returns to a new album and meets poets and composers. , To choose more than one song to settle during the coming period.

Mohamed Fouad

Hisham Abbas

The singer Hisham Abbas returns with a new album after nine years of absence from his latest album, "Mattbatlich." Abbas has not yet established his name, while he has finished recording most of his songs.

Hisham Abbas


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