After the Curtains of the House, the Turtle Building’s “Dome” was painted

JAKARTA, – A number of work projects within the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) have drawn controversy.

The projects were not considered urgent, but the budget was fantastic.

For example, the project for the procurement of curtains for the official residence of members of the DPR, which amounts to Rp. 43.5 billion. After nearly two months of controversy, the project was cancelled.

However, not long after, a new job appeared within the DPR which was no less valuable, namely painting dome or the dome of the Nusantara Building or the Turtle Building of the DPR RI worth Rp 4.5 billion.

Again, the project was deemed not urgent, but the budget was not small.

Paving Rp 11 billion

At the end of March 2022, the public learned that the DPR was budgeting for road paving in the Parliament Complex area, Senayan, Jakarta.

Quoted from the website of the General Procurement Plan Information System (SIRUP) of the Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP), the procurement of asphalt coating for hot mix areas in the DPR RI Complex reaches a ceiling of Rp. 11 billion, which is sourced from the APBN.

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The Secretary General of the DPR, Indra Iskandar, explained that the paving plan is part of the DPR’s preparations ahead of the G20 or P20 state parliamentary meeting in early October 2022.

In addition to asphalt coating, the gates to the streets in the DPR Complex will also be tidied up to welcome dozens of world parliamentarians who will attend the P20 meeting.

“In early October there will be around 40 speakers of the world’s parliaments present here. To prepare for it, of course we will tidy up all the appearances of the DPR starting from the gates, parks, and all the streets,” said Indra at a press conference in Jakarta. Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Monday (28/3/2022).

Indra said that many areas of the road had to be paved because quite a lot of them had been eroded, had potholes, and flooded when it rained.

The area of ​​the road to be paved is 85,300 square meters with the use of 7,100 tons of asphalt.

“Because the meeting of the world’s parliaments in the DPR was held in early October, we will finish all the infrastructure fires before July,” said Indra.

DPR official house curtains

The project for the procurement of curtains for the official residence of members of the DPR in Kalibata, South Jakarta, was also known to the public at the end of March 2022.

On the DPR Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE) website,, information about the project auction in the form of “Replacement of Grodyn and Blind DPR RI Kalibata” is listed.

The ceiling of the project package is Rp. 48,745.624,000 and the value of the self-estimated price (HPS) for the package is Rp. 45,767,446,332.84. This project will be budgeted through the 2022 State Budget.

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At that time, Deputy Speaker of the DPR, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, explained that the curtains at the DPR’s official residence had not been replaced for a long time, so new ones were needed.

“From 2015 until now, the official house has never been replaced. So some of the curtains are still there, some are not,” said Dasco at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Monday (28/3/2022).

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