After the effect Huawei, eyes on the stock exchanges: Europe on the upside. The spread comes back under 290 points - Economy - ANSA Agency

Piazza Affari rebounds with the European stock exchanges after the crash on the eve, linked to fears that the Huawei case may complicate the dialogue between China and the US on tariffs. Milan advanced by 1.17% while the Btp-Bund spread folded to 290 basis points. Moncler (+ 2.9%), Unipol (+ 4.3%) and Exor (+ 2.1%), even good Prysmian (+ 2%), Cnh, shine on the Milanese list, which is being hedged by investors Industrial (+ 1.9%) and Ferrari (+ 1.8%). Tim rose by 1.6% after yesterday the board postponed the decisions on the assembly for the appointment of auditors in January. Banks are less brilliant, where Intesa (+ 1.3%) and Mediobanca (+ 1.2%) are highlighted. The only signs less than the Ftse Mib are Bper (-0.3%) and Tenaris (-0.3%) while Eni (+ 1.2%) and Saipem (+ 1.6%) are not affected by the drop in oil. Off the FTSE MIB yields Carige (-5.2%) while running Mondadori (+ 5.3%) and Juventus (+ 4.2%).

The spread between the BTP and the Bund is back below 290 basis points, at 289, with the Treasury 10-year yield at 3.14%.



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