After the entry of 7 series only «Platoham Ramadan 2019» .. What happens in the drama market? .. «Answer from critics»


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The producers of some serials have entered the actual imaging circuit in preparation for the 2019 Ramadan season, following the emergence of a semi-preliminary map of about 20 series. Probably the delay in taking part of the production decision is due to the difficulty of the next season due to the fog that could cause a number of stars outside the Ramadan race, whether for production or marketing factors, how to establish a ceiling for the purchase of television, that some they considered legitimizing the wrong situation because of the brutality of artists' salaries, in what others considered "the ruins of the houses".

The word "first scene action" was repeated only 7 times within the theater studios. The film was started by director Peter Mimi, filming the third part of the series "Kalbash", starring Amir Karara, produced by Synergy Tamer Morsi and Baher Duidar.

Director Mohammed Sami began filming "Ould El-Ghalaba", in which Ahmed Al-Sakka created a new duet with his producer Sadiq Al-Sabah and presented on MBC Egypt.

He also entered the series "Fikra in a million pounds", the competition with director Wael Ihsan and the championship of Ali Rabea and Walid Fawaz, Salah Abdullah and Sabreen and the composition of Amin Gamal and the production of Sadiq Al Sabah and will also be presented to «MBC Egypt».

Director Hossam Ali also began shooting the "Queen" series with Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Al-Awadhi and Ahmed Saleh Hosni and Synergy's production, and entered the Samih Al-Nakhab Platoth series "question mark », Which saw the return of the drama of Mohammed Rajab in collaboration with« Synergy »and wrote Islam Hafez. Director Ahmed Samir Farag began shooting his first scene with Yasmin Sabri in his first drama drama series "Hakkaiti", written by Mohammed Abdul Muti.

The latest series is directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz to Hani Salama, entitled "Amar Hadi", in collaboration with producer Tamer Morsi. Regarding the small number of works that started filming for the show in Ramadan, compared to the same period of the last year, the critic Tariq al-Shennawi described the situation as "the destruction of houses", stressing that this period would have had to attend the filming of at least 20 series.

He added: "I do not want to ruin the houses in the category that work only, but for all the workers in the industry from the smallest worker and technician to the big stars, because the work has been reduced wages, so what happens is a waste of energy and destruction Egyptian drama and art.

He said: "to demand the rationalization of the drama that is happening now will pay for Egypt in the coming years because of the loss of soft power". For example, in the fifties and sixties of the last century, when Ismail Yassin began to appear pens and writings of opposition saying (do not expose your children to Ismael Yassin not to hurt you) but years later Ismail became the icon of laughter In Arab world and its statues everywhere and its films are still on show ".

"What we imagine is that it protects the minds of young people or people of the time as a lie, because art over the years has proven to be the true power of Egypt". He continued: "a strong example of what is found in time and demonstrated the opposite when Ahmed Adawiya appeared at that time a symbol of lengthening, but after years he proved that the enemy of an authentic popular singer and if we wanted in one of programs mentioning the authenticity of popular culture we will host an enemy, so we leave the market. We check it and leave it in time and do not interfere in art with an iron fist. "

"The state must leave the market to adapt, the idea that there is a single company that is the producer and the owner of the channels is a monopoly, and the whole world prevents the monopoly of art, so Hollywood decided for many years to prevent producers from owning theaters so there is no monopoly and destruction To create their art and this is a universal law, but what we live is a monopoly, not a monopoly but a lot hard, and we started to hear the list of (Black List), which prevents artists and artists from working mainly ».

Critics Magda Morris has supported the opinion of Tariq al-Shennawi, describing what happens in the dramatic industry as "the ruin of houses" and threatening a large number of workers in that important industry. He asked: "How to code the conditions and the bases established to reduce the number of periodicals in half". "There is no basis for legalization, no way to change the rules of the drama, no clear statement that reveals what is happening," Morris said in his remarks to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

"We should understand the secret behind these decisions," he said, "we are not opposed to any action aimed at elevating Egypt." "In the absence of information, the rumors circulating these days limit wages, reduce costs, redistribute the drama during the year instead of a month, reduce spending due to the accumulation of debt on the channels, but if this continued behavior they will not find the spectators for their business. "

He concluded: "We have heard during the last days of a meeting with some writers, during which he presented what he called (prohibitions of the drama), not to deal with slums, but the real question is how to provide a drama does not have a real fight for evil, how to provide people with a white drama? Of course, I think next season will be difficult, and people will then turn to YouTube channels and Arab channels. "

"Theatrical producers must now ask themselves why they do not do works like the great Osama Anwar Okasha and have not seen the conflict? Look at the human race giant Abu Ela, Mahmoud Morsi, you will know the evil that surrounded this man and how he won at the end ".

On the other hand, director Mohamed Fadel defended what was happening, saying that the reduction in the number of magazines was the result of the chaos of production in the past years, "stressing that what is happening is a" treatment of mistakes, "but he hoped he would not be a bigger mistake.

Fadel said in his speech to Al-Masry Al-Youm: "Chaos is being tackled by a series of soap operas in a company, so I hope we will not face the mistakes of others, and I think reducing the salaries of the stars that earn millions is very good because behind the cameras there are tens of thousands of technicians and workers from the exit assistants, drivers, lights, hairdressers, McEyer and others, and these are many Alain careers observed reduction in Esigo manner cinematographic professions union takes into account the interests of its members. "

He continued: "The problem of reducing stars is not a problem, but the disaster in reducing the salaries of young people, especially young people, each of them has a family, although we count that the number will be millions, so it must be more than one intervention ".

He continued: "The origin of the production crises is the interest only for their image, for example, it is found that the best artists ask to bear the costs of the driver and the assistant and ask Ashik Karvan and Mkayir private and a private hairdresser and this fashion all imitate some aspects and do not focus on quality.

Fadel pointed out that there is a Lebanese producer who assured him that the cost of eating breaks is worth one day to 15,000 pounds and added: "If we calculate the average over 100 days, we will reach 1.5 million for the food. "There are no exceptions: everyone eats the same food without discrimination, the lighting equipment is too expensive and I think that what happens because of the introduction of producers without drama experience in the last few years has brought to inflated budgets ".

Kalbash Amir Karara – Stock Image
Yasmin Abdul Aziz, celebrates the start of the filming of his first scenes in the series «Queen» – an 'image of the archive'
The filming of Ahmed al – Sakka Ould al – Ghalaba – an archive film



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