After the historic storm, the sun embraces Xalapa again

After Xalapa established a record of rain accumulated last Wednesday, today the cloudiness cleared and the rays of the sol they rewarmed the passers-by in the state capital.

The temperature recovers, the day shines with a clear sky and the Secretariat of Civil protection reported that in the coming days there will be more periods of sol.

Likewise, the agency confirmed that the environment that will prevail in Veracruz in the coming days will be warm-temperate and there will be a very low potential for rainfall. However, cloudiness will still be present in the northern and southern regions of the state.

According to an investigation by the Hospital Universitario de Guadalajara, Spain, only 10 minutes of sol deposits can be recharged vitamin D of the body, essential to strengthen bones and teeth.

The ‘astro rey’ has therapeutic properties, in addition to accelerating metabolism and increasing the number of white blood cells in its two lines, neutrophils and lymphocytes.

Some specialists claim that the immune system can be strengthened by the sun’s rays, which makes the body more resistant to infectious diseases. However, exposure to sol in excess it can be harmful to health and produce photochemical damage, as well as irritation to the skin and skin disorders.

He sol It can provide several benefits, if the exposure is done with measures and responsibility. Limiting direct exposure to the sun’s rays, when the star is at its highest point, can be useful to enjoy the warmth of the day.

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