After the infidelity of the wife and the wrecker were revealed… The vampire ran away to Sri Lanka!

This year in mid-June, a stay at a family cottage A tailor twisted. Because of his wife’s alleged infidelity, the Vampire foamed, jumped into the car, after a few meters it crashed in the forest and fell into the stream with the car. “I wanted to punish Zuzanka with it,” he admitted a few hours later. But it turned out exactly the opposite. He mainly tormented himself. The former member of the popular MimTrio came under police scrutiny because he inhaled 2.7 per thousand, his wife stopped talking to him and both daughters got angry. That’s why Václav didn’t really want to go home, to the villa in old Řepy, where his “three graces” live.

Sudden death of politician Michalik. How much Procházka cashes in for Vampire Krejčí’s life struggle and accident

“The people were very nice, they offered me accommodation, my friends also called to support me,” the Vampire assessed the tense situation with some distance. Then there was silence on the footpath for a while, until now the actor called from Sri Lanka, where he is with his friend, former colleague Roman Hájek. Viewers remember him, for example, from the series Boys and Girls. “I’m happy,” Vašek wrote under the photo, where he was also immortalized with a local bride and groom. “This is heaven on earth, Roman lives half here,” revealed Václav. “I’m not thinking about the one who left me, there’s a great bunch and I don’t want to go home at all,” the Vampire admitted.

He lost his car

The vampire chopped up the car he had given for Christmas. When the alcohol wore off, he felt very sorry for the car. Miraculously, nothing happened to him.

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