After the Lancet, the Russian Army will get the new Hi-82 kamikaze drone

AIRSPACE REVIEW ( – During Special Military Operations in Ukraine, Russian Troops relied heavily on Kamikaze Drones Lancet to hunt down Ukrainian war equipment on the battlefield.

Soon, the Russian troops will get their hands on the new Hi-82 kamikaze drone. The drone was developed by the St. Petersburg-based KB Oko Design Bureau. Petersburg.

Reported by, the design bureau was founded by enthusiasts/hobbyists who used to make civilian drones.

They developed the Hi-82 based on a versatile drone Privet-82.

Mentioned, currently they have produced as many as 33 Hi-82 kamikaze drones for use by Russia.

The Hi-82 was developed by KB Oko using simple electronic components sourced locally.

This is to eliminate vulnerabilities to Western-made components which have been difficult to obtain since the Russian-Ukrainian war broke out last year.

Because KB Oko is a civilian company, they do not have the legal right to manufacture weapons. Therefore the drone is made without weapons and the warhead is top mounted by the user.

As for its characteristics, the Hi-82 has a flight range of up to 30 km, a speed of 140 km/h, and can carry a payload of up to 5.5 kg.

The Hi-82 can perform autonomous flight at predefined coordinates and the ability to pass control from one operator to another.

It seems so LancetThe Kamikaze Hi-82 drone will be used to hunt field artillery systems, combat vehicles, or target enemy hideouts.


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