After the launch of the Anthem demo, the servers of almost all the Electronic Arts games have collapsed


A VIP demo started a few hours ago. hymn, access to which have been received by owners of pre-orders of the game, subscribers to the services of Electronic Arts and some lucky ones. Despite the proximity of the event, the game server could not withstand the influx of players.

Immediately after the launch, all users were faced with the fullness of the servers, which is why almost all social networks complained and teased this topic. About 250 thousand people live on Twitch we watched for streamer who tried to break through the error message.
About one hour after the start, EA has connected additional servers, thanks to which some have been able to access Anthem, but the problems have not gone away. The most brilliant was the infinite download, which involved the players about every third download.

This problem began to recall many of the famous mistake number 37 of Diablo III

Soon, some users started to notice that among the problems with the VIP demo, other projects started to face difficulties. Electronic artsincluded Battlefield v. Battlefield 4. Command & Conquer: Rivalssports titles such as FIFA e go crazyas well as myself origin.
It is interesting to note that, on the background of all this, the official state page of Anthem's servers reported on complete server performance.

However, at the time of publication of the note (00:26 Moscow time), the servers of other games began to recover slowly, although some minutes ago they refused to connect and complained about the lack of connection to the base of EA .

At 00:10 Moscow time, the Battlefield V servers still did not work, although after ten minutes they were still starting to come alive

user ResetErawhich presumably several years ago demonstrated the complete absence of the online component in No Man's Sky, stated that, according to his data, the developers had created a reconnection system for Anthem, which in fact the game started DDoS- sling itself, sending a huge number of requests to the server.


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