After the meeting of the college of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the president answered questions from journalists, including Syria


After the council meeting, Vladimir Putin spoke with journalists. One of the questions concerned the situation in Syria. The Russian president said that they are discussing the idea of ​​creating a working group that can help restore life in the Arab Republic when they eliminate the last pockets of terrorism.

"The situation has stabilized, there are still several terrorist resistance centers, but they are now suppressed, I think this will happen in the near future, finally, although there is an area like, for example, the Idlib area on the right bank of the 39. Euphrates, not everything is stable there, we have to work on this.With regard to the working group, the idea is that with all the stakeholders – first of all, of course, the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic, could being the opposition, are the countries of the region, anyone involved in this conflict – would create such a work a structure that would lead to final normalization after the suppression of the last outbreaks of terrorism.This is also related to the withdrawal of all forces armed from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and the full restoration of Syrian sovereignty, with the preservation of its territorial integrity, "said the president of Russia.



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