After the missile attack in Tel Aviv: Israeli fighter planes are bombing Gaza


Through Tel Aviv, the sirens are ringing, explosions are heard, the inhabitants of the city are worried. The Israeli army talks about missile attacks from the Gaza Strip – and it beats at night.

After reports of missile attacks on the Greater Tel Aviv area, Israeli fighters attacked several targets in the Gaza Strip overnight. Israeli forces confirmed Twitter attacks on various "terrorist" targets, but initially they did not provide details. According to the Al-Arabija news broadcaster, at least four explosions were heard in the coastal area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea, including a particularly heavy one in the city of Gaza. According to them, a quarter of the Palestinian radical organization Hamas was killed in Chan Junis. In the beginning there were no reports of injury or actual damage.

Rocket attacks on Tel Aviv

According to the army, on Thursday Hamas launched two missiles from the Gaza Strip in the Greater Tel Aviv area. However, both Hamas and the Palestinian militant organization Islamic Jihad denied that their members were responsible for the attacks.

More recently, in the summer of 2014, similar attacks occurred in the Gaza war in the Greater Tel Aviv area. In the coastal metropolis and its suburbs there were warning sirens and explosions to be heard on Thursday evening. The Israeli army later announced that one of the missiles had been intercepted by a defense system. There were no injuries or property damage – and no special education for civilians. During the night, Al-Arabija reported recent missile attacks by Palestinians on border towns in Israel.

Netanyahu in Jerusalem (image) (source: imago)Netanyahu in Jerusalem (image) (source: imago)

According to media reports, Tel Aviv mayor Ron Chuldai has ordered the opening of public shelters in the city. Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly held an emergency meeting at the Tel Aviv military headquarters in response to new attacks.

On 9 April, a new parliament will be elected in Israel and the leading candidates have called for a tougher stance towards Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. Friday prayers should not help calm the situation.

Violent protests

The conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant organizations has overheated in the last year. According to information provided by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, more than 260 Palestinians have been killed and thousands more injured since March 30, 2018, in what were some violent protests on the Gaza border.

Only this month, the Palestinians repeatedly fired rockets into the area of ​​the Israeli border on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli air force then bombed targets in the coastal strip.

Hamas is classified by Israel, the United States and the EU as a terrorist organization. More than ten years ago, Israel imposed a blockade on the coastal area, which is supported by neighboring Egypt. Both countries justify it with security interests. In the Gaza Strip, about two million people live in extremely difficult conditions. C & # 39; s a lack of drinking water and electricity, among other things.



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