After the Pool Party, Thousands of Wuhan Citizens Now Have a Beer Party

WUHAN, – Thousands of people flocked to the beer festival at Wuhan this week in the middle of a pandemic corona virus which is still ongoing.

Festival One Wuhan the plan is to run for a week and start last weekend with many festival goers ignoring him physical distancing in the crowd.

The festival takes place after the party pool The water park was attended by thousands of people to celebrate the return to normal life there Daily Mail, Saturday (22/8/2020).

The celebration of the pool party at the water park was under the spotlight and drew international criticism.

Pictures taken at the beer festival on Friday (21/8/2020) show visitors attending the party and gathering in large-scale crowds.

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Festival-goers were also seen enjoying beer bottles and standing at the bar. Some of them were seen not wearing masks at the event.

According to state media China, CGTN, the beer festival aims to stimulate the evening economy in places where drinks, food and entertainment are already on offer.

CGTN reported that visitors who came to the festival had their temperature checked in front of the gate of the festival area.

Visitors are also required to adhere to health protocol regulations.

But the festival organizers didn’t expect the enthusiasm of the festival goers to be so high.

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