After the suspicious post of Danni: fans worry about Jens Büchner


What happens to cult emigrants? In recent weeks, it has become suspiciously quiet around the two German goodbyes, the stars Daniela (40) and Jens Büchner (49). From time to time they have become titles all over the world, Malle residents have to struggle with health problems: he has said several performances and has had to close his coffee indefinitely. With a post on the net, her goddess now rings the bells of the fans: All right Jens worse yet?

"Our life can not always be full of joy, but always full of love"the lines were at the top Instagram, with whom the forty-year-olds were very worried about their followers. He shared a black and white photo on which the blonde and her sweetheart have fun. Even the hashtag #InGutenWieInSchlechtenTagen and # GroßeStütze attachments do not bode well.

He had at the beginning of October Jens also announced via social media: "As you've heard, I'm not doing well in terms of health: for us as a family, cohesion is the most important thing now." His troubling condition seems to have changed even after more than a month.

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Jens and Daniela Büchner, "Goodbye Germany" stars
Jens and Daniela Büchner in Cologne in

Jens and Daniela Büchner in Cologne in 2018
Jens Büchner, Ballermann

Jens Büchner, Ballermann Star

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