After the video showing Rayane Bensetti and Camille Lellouche kissing, Denitsa Ikonomova “extremely sorry”

Last April, the images of Rayane Bensetti kissing Camille Lellouche at a private party were talking about them. This video had, it seems, tainted the links between Rayane Bensetti and the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova. Although the two had never revealed having a relationship, they had often appeared close since their appearance on the show Dancing with the Stars.

According to information published by the magazine Public, the dancer felt “extremely sorry” after seeing these images. “She wasn’t expecting it at all. But she knows Rayane and she knows that deep down, he’s a good boy despite everything”, entrusted “a close source” to the French magazine.

“Regain Denitsa’s confidence”

For her part, Camille Lellouche revealed a new song titled ‘Fumette’ and in which she seems to speak directly to the actor. “I’m not going to rack my brains with your floppy disks. Stop smoking, it makes you stupid (…) You have to take responsibility when you screw up, apologize when you screw up (…) I know what you are saying, but who do you think you are? Whoever puts me in his bed must take responsibility for his words. I didn’t ask you anything, I didn’t impose anything on you. It was you who made me sparkle “, she sings.

Always according to Public, the actor is ready to do anything to “regain Denitsa’s confidence”.

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