After the warning of their capacity to trade, what technical “Lamphone” new? – Toss news

Source: Amr al-Zanati – toss news

Warned a number of technical experts and information security of a new technology called ”Lamphone“ users can trade and the others from distances of up to hundreds of meters.

According to a report posted on one of the platforms, the technical work to recover the sound power of vibrating the light bulb in real time.

And new technology to anyone who has a laptop, and a range of equipment – just a telescope sensor optical electric – listening to any sounds in the room located hundreds of feet away in actual time.

This could be done through the control of vibration risks generated by those sounds on the platen glass light bulb inside the room.

It can recover any audio in the room without the need to penetrate anything and without the device in the room, but there’s no need to have a line of sight to the interests involved.

Put the researchers in their experiments a series of telescopes at a distance of about 25 meters from the light bulb to the target locale, and they put in front of the lens of each telescope sensor is electrically scanned (Thorlab PDA100A2).

And they used the converted analog digitally converting the electric signal from the sensor into digital information, said during the floor in the room the remote to change the information that has been captured through prepare them for your laptop, which analyzed the readings.

The researchers found that the finer vibrations of the lighting source in response to health, have been recorded as changes measurable in the light that met his sensor through each telescope.

They were able to after processing the signal through the program to filter noise from the reconstruction of the recordings of the sounds inside the room with remarkable precision.


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