After their divorce, scandals in jeljal revealed by Sarah Al-Kandari about “Al-Anzi”!

Kuwaiti fascist Sarah Al-Kandari and her ex-wife, famous social networking sites Ahmed Al-Enezi, exchanged accusations, after their separation, which was announced two days ago, after a marriage that lasted about 12 years, during which they had one daughter.

Al-Kandari went out in a video clip through one of her accounts on social media to comment on the news of her separation from her husband, as she said that she and Ahmed had not officially separated yet, and that she would announce this in time by presenting the divorce instrument to the followers.

Sarah added in the video clip, which was circulated by accounts interested in celebrity news, that “Ahmed hastened to announce the separation because it has not yet been officially completed, and that the official divorce will take place today, Sunday, and that she respects Ahmed as the father of her daughter.”

However, she returned and said that she “does not like hypocrisy, lying and talking without evidence, and allusions to the words of songs,” noting that “everything she was subjected to in terms of imprisonment and cases because of him and with his approval is that the man is the one who rules his wife.”

She added that “what she hates most about him is hypocrisy, and that he passes near a mosque and takes pictures and then goes to the sea,” considering that “hypocrisy and a lie to the followers and to the Creator.”

Sarah indicated that she will continue her life and will not be affected, but that she suffers in this period from psychological fatigue, and she will return to her followers who asked them to pray for her to complete this divorce, to conclude her speech with the phrase “Men are few.”

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Sarah’s comments came after her ex-husband Al-Enezi commented on the decision to separate, and said that “anyone, upon his marriage or separation, tries to remember the beautiful things, but he has now repented and is guided,” noting that “he is convinced that a woman should listen to her husband’s words, whether in terms of dress or Other things, or there is no need for this relationship.”

Ahmed returned to go out and respond to Sarah’s talk, saying that he may have been guided and repented and returned to his Lord by inviting a friend, follower or mother, at the same time offering his apologies to his family and followers and to everyone because he was heedless and awake.

Ahmed added that God opens the doors of his repentance to everyone and that he does not accept to see anything in his home and family that is not beautiful and that violates customs, traditions and society, wondering how he was described as “a hypocrite because he resorted to God and knew his mistake.”

Ahmed had come out with another clip asking his followers not to offend his ex-wife and the mother of his daughter, and he also published through the “Al-Asturi” feature in his account on “Instagram” the hadith of the Prophet “A believer is not bitten from one hole twice.”

And he published on “Al-Asturi” a phrase in which he said, “Thank you for every word that came out of my daughter’s mother with all manners, morals, education and ten 12 years old,” following Sarah Al-Kandari’s aforementioned comment.

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On Friday, Al-Enezi announced his separation from Sarah, in a publication in which he said, “The moment of divorce is one of the most difficult moments that brings together many feelings, and it is a moment of release and liberation and a moment of break and pain at the same time, because at that moment there is a feeling on both sides of the failure of marital and social life and cunning. And deception is from the other side, i.e. the life partner, and with it the sacred bond mentioned by God Almighty in the Qur’an is broken.”

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