After they have proven their worth.. why not rely on the youth

Not long ago, the role of youth teams in Egypt began to be limited to sending brilliant talent to other clubs on the loan system, and then returning the good ones to sit as a substitute in his team until he finds the opportunity, which is often robbed from him again once the main player returns.

Despite the success of the youth experience on more than one occasion in Egyptian football, the first of which was when Al-Ahly defeated Zamalek with a youth team in 1985 with a score of 3-2 in the Egypt Cup, and through the repetition of the experience in the four-way round to determine the 2013-2014 league champion, and ending with what the youth of Zamalek presented In the minutes they participated in against Al-Ahly in the last summit, which ended with two goals for the same.

The first experience was for Al-Ahly and the last was for Zamalek, and both of them achieved amazing success.

In the first, Al-Ahly relied on an entire team of juniors, after the famous crisis that removed the late coach Mahmoud El-Gohary from the Red Castle, so that the late Saleh Selim, president of Al-Ahly at the time, decided to enter the top match by forming a composition of the club’s younger youth teams, and they are the ones who have already succeeded in overcoming Zamalek, then crowning the cup in the end at the expense of Ismaili.

The second experience was with the participation of some of Al-Ahly’s young players, led by Karim Bambo and Ramadan Sobhi, who presented great levels, and succeeded in proving their worth by wearing the red shirt, and then crowning the league title despite the absence of a number of basic elements from Al-Ahmar at this time, in which the era of replacement began. And renewal, after the retirement of most of the stars of the golden generation of the sons of the island.

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As for the third experience, it was for Zamalek this season, after the white knight relied on some of its young players, who succeeded in turning the scales of the 124th summit, after their participation during the second half of the match, whose first half ended with Al-Ahly’s progress with a goal without a response as well as a waste Many opportunities, but the young players of Zamalek succeeded in changing the course of the meeting completely in favor of the sons of Mit Oqba, so that the summit ended in a draw, amid great praise from the old stars of Egyptian football for the level of Zamalek youth.

An uncertain future, talents at stake

The brilliance of Egyptian talent is not only limited to Al-Ahly and Zamalek players, but we have also seen many good players during the recent period, but these have succeeded in imposing themselves on the starting lineup of their teams.

At the forefront of these talents comes Ahmed Atef, the Future striker, and Abdo Yahya, the star of Ghazl El Mahalla. Of course, we do not forget the wonderful talent of the Pyramids team, Ibrahim Adel, as well as many other names that showed their ability to confront adults, and prove that experience is not everything, and it is good To rely on some young names, to achieve the balance that the two Egyptian football poles, Al-Ahly and Zamalek, have been missing recently.

In addition to Ismaili, who has always been an asset to the talents that the national team relies on, and now that the youth role has been reduced, staying in the league has become the biggest dream of the Simsimia players.

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The thing that is surprising, is that most of the young people who imposed themselves on the basic formation of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, have already succeeded in booking their place in forming the national team, led by Muhammad Abdel Moneim and Akram Tawfiq from Al-Ahly, and Imam Ashour and Ahmed Fattouh from Zamalek, and before them, Mustafa Mohamed, who became the first Egyptian striker after giving him the opportunity.

Youth domination of modern football

Football no longer depends mainly on the skilled player, but the player with high fitness and speed has become the most important currently in the green stadiums, and even that the role of the skilled player has revolved around emptying the spaces and sending the lines to the player who cuts the way towards the goal.

Recently, Mbappe, Holland, Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo and other young people have become the most important star in the world, and even the price of the young player has now doubled significantly from their marketing value a few years ago.

it’s time

Perhaps you will not find Egyptian football, better than this time, to give a greater opportunity to young people, after the close seasons, which led to a great collapse and deterioration that everyone notices at the level, and perhaps relying on some young people will be useful, especially since the next generation seemed to have very promising signs, such as Saif Jaafar. Ziad Tariq, Youssef Osama, Mustafa Schubert, Sayed Abdullah Neymar, Hossam Abdel Majid and Ahmed Hassan Koca, all of them are names that need some attention, to return the Pharaohs’ team to the ranks of the great black continent again.

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