After three losses, soy rebounds and rises by 0.4% to $ 320

the Soybean grows by 0.4% on Thursday to 320.04 USD in the Chicago market. Meanwhile, corn rises 0.2% to $ s 146.84 and wheat advances by 0.5% to $ 188.41.

Yesterday, soy lost 0.5% to $ 318.85 and, in this way, achieved the third consecutive decline. Likewise, corn lost 0.3% to $ 146.55, as did wheat, which closed at $ 187.46.

It should be remembered that on Tuesday the soy closed almost stable at 320.41 US dollars per ton. Meanwhile, corn dropped 0.2% to $ 146.94, but wheat rose 0.9% to $ 188.13.

Soybeans and corn yielded, but the grain rose after planting delays and a slight deterioration in the quality of cereals.

Sowing of winter wheat reached 94% on Sunday against 90% a year ago, according to a report by the Agriculture Department.

Quality had a slight deterioration: just 50% was considered good and excellent compared to 53% of the previous week.

The corn crop, meanwhile, "continued to advance despite the rains that fell over the weekend," said the specialists.

In addition, rainfall forecast for crops in the Argentine provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires will benefit corn and make it more competitive with the United States, according to experts at CHS Hedging.

Soybean crops continued to be slightly delayed: until Sunday, 83% had been harvested against 89% a year ago.


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