After throwing three-pointers, T.Dimsha went the first half of the way in the crashes

Treviso’s Nutribullet team started in the FIBA ​​Champions League qualifiers with Tomu Dimša.

Lithuanian club at home 87:72 (23:20, 21:16, 19:21, 24:15) defeated Lavriy’s Megabolt team from Greece and broke 1-0 in the series.

T.Dimsha was hard to catch up in the ranks of the winners and scored 34 points (1/2 two-point, 5/6 three-point, 2/2 free throws) in 34 minutes, rebounded 3 and took over and lost 2 balls, made 3 assists, violated once and scored 23 utility points.

Henry Sims scored 22 points for the Italian club (8 rebounds), DeWayne Russell (8 eds.), Giordano Bortolani scored 10 points.

Newcomer Corey Sanders and Jerry Smith scored 17 points for Greece, Vasilis Mouratos (8/10 penalties) and Matt Williams for 12, and Dimitrios Kaklamanakis for 10.

Sixteen-year-old Mikhail Sprintzios, who scored a 5-minute rebound and a lost three-pointer, also took the place in the Megabolt rotation.

The second team meeting in Greece will take place on January 18th.

Nutribullet are battling for a place in the Top 16 stage of Group J, which already includes Manresa’s Baxi and Bursa’s Tofa, and fourth place will be held by Burgos’s San Pablo or Istanbul’s Dushashafaka.

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