Health Aftercare for corona patients in Limburg hospitals 1Limburg

Aftercare for corona patients in Limburg hospitals 1Limburg

VieCuri has started an aftercare clinic for corona patients. Hundreds of people who have been admitted over the past few months are coming back for a check-up. With this, VieCuri follows the other Limburg hospitals.

The main goal is to identify and treat any long-term damage from the corona infection as effectively as possible.

Combination appointment
All people who have been admitted to the hospitals of VieCuri in Venlo and Venray with the coronavirus will have a check-up after three months. This concerns about three hundred patients, VieCuri reports. They are analyzed with a CT scan of the lungs, blood tests and a lung function test. Then they will have a combination appointment with an internist and a pulmonologist to discuss the results of the tests. After a year, the patients are seen again. VieCuri wants to prevent any damage with the agreements and be able to intervene for a good recovery.

There is also a corona aftercare clinic at the Laurentius hospital in Roermond. Veerle de Visser, a lung specialist at Laurentius, says: “Tailor-made aftercare for corona patients is important, because corona is a new disease and has different consequences for everyone. We try to support patients in their further recovery and also after hospital admission for the patient ready. “

At Zuyderland, with branches in Heerlen and Sittard-Geleen, the aftercare clinic has been running for a while. Zuyderland reports that he has already seen dozens of patients. Aftercare is provided by pulmonologists, together with the departments of Cardiology and Medical Psychology. At Zuyderland, patients also receive a questionnaire to measure their anxiety and stress levels. There is also an aftercare clinic at the MUMC + in Maastricht. There, cooperation is sought between the department of lung diseases, internal medicine and intensive care.

At Sint Jans Gasthuis in Weert, ex-corona patients are called to ask if they have any complaints. If so, the patient is invited to an appointment at the pulmonary clinic. There, a lung photo is taken and a conversation takes place with one of the lung nurses about the physical and mental complaints.

General practitioner
There are also opportunities for people who were not in the hospital to end up at the corona aftercare clinic: “Patients who have not been in the hospital but who have had corona and experience residual complaints such as coughing, fatigue or sleeping problems can GPs are referred for the aftercare process in the Laurentius Hospital “, says De Visser of the Roermond hospital. At VieCuri, you can also be referred to the corona aftercare clinic with a referral from your general practitioner.



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