Again Get Minor Results, Coach Barito Putera: Losing Three Times Hits Us Mentally


Barito Putera’s coach, Djajang Nurjaman, monitors the match in the first week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Indomilk Stadium, Arena, Tangerang, September 4, 2021.

BOLASPORT.COM – Coach Barito Putera, Djadjang Nurdjaman, explained that his team’s game lost concentration after Tira Persikabo can score the first goal.

Barito Putera back to swallowing the bitter pill in the duel against Tira Persikabo in week 4 League 1.

Competing at the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (23/9/2021), Rizky Pora et al. had to give up 0-3.

This defeat leaves them in 18th position in the standings League 1.

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Barito Putera was not without a match at the competition.

In the first half they were able to dominate the attack, even Tira Persikabo’s back line was overwhelmed by the combination of Rafinha and Rizky Pora’s attacks.

However, things turned around when Ciro Alves in the 45th minute could execute a penalty kick and make it 1-0.

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