World Again more than 700 killed with Covid-19 in just...

Again more than 700 killed with Covid-19 in just 24 hours

This Tuesday Italy again surpassed the tragic threshold of 700 dead associated with Covid-19 in just 24 hours. There were more than a hundred in relation to the increase the day before, for a total of 743 new fatalities.

The death toll in Italy was at the end of Tuesday at 6820 and the cases of infection still active affected almost 55,000 people, highlighting in this particular the third consecutive day with the number of new cases slowing, even so with 3612 records.

Regarding the recovered, the 894 people who were discharged this Tuesday should be stressed, increasing to 8326 the total of defeated infections in Italy.

Heavier fines

For the Italian Prime Minister, “the work of the forces of order has been very effective and efficient”.

“Many checks have been carried out. With the new heavier fines mechanism, Italy has all the tools to continue to reduce the number of new infections,” said Giuseppe Conte, in a television statement.

The fines referred to by the head of the Italian Government range from 400 to 3000 euros for those who violate the anti-competition rules enacted, namely that of mandatory collection.

The Prime Minister denied however that he intended to maintain the state of emergency in the country until the end of July. With the current curve showing signs of stagnating and signs of even starting to go down, Conte really hopes to soon be able to start lifting the containment measures imposed on Italy and progressively freeing the economy of the European Union country most affected by this pandemic.

For now, however, tests are being carried out on anyone who presents symptoms, while the funeral situation in the country worsens, with thousands of funerals on the waiting list.

In Bergamo, one of the most affected cities in the country, after many of the dead have already been transferred by the army to other cities, there is also a lack of coffins for so many fatalities.



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