Agata Kulesza and Przemysław Bluszcz have a relationship? Speculations continue! He is married


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Agata Kulesza is one of the most respected Polish actresses. And although professionally she has been at the top for years, privately she has recently been hit hard. The star divorced her husband, with whom she had been married for 14 years. The woman has come a long way to recover from the breakup, but it seems that she is slowly finding happiness again. Some see the reason for this state of affairs in a certain famous actor…

Agata Kulesza

Agata Kulesza divorced

There has been a lot of talk recently about divorce Agata Kulesza with my husband. The actress was associated with the cinematographer Marcin Figurski for 14 yearswith whom she had a daughter, Marianna. Kulesza met her husband in 1996, but only 10 years later they decided to get married. And although nothing foreshadowed the crisis, in 2020 the couple decided to part.

Information about the star’s divorce appeared in 2019, but she was silent about it for a long time. It wasn’t until later that she admitted that things had gone wrong in her relationship. There was even psychological violence and abuse.

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More troubles for the actress

Kulesza experienced the separation and the trauma she suffered from her relationship with her ex-husband. She was in therapy and benefited from the kindness and help of friends – incl. Kasia Nosowska. It would seem that since the couple broke up, now it will only get better. The ex-husband of the actress, however, caused her further problems. First, he agreed to leave her the apartment that he and his daughter occupied in Mokotów. Later, however, he changed his mind and … changed the locks on the doorso she can’t get here. After some time, Agata decided to fight for the apartment and managed to get it back.

Now it seems that the situation of the 52-year-old is stabilizing, and she is regaining her peace and happiness. According to reports from “Rewia”, a mysterious man may be hiding behind the last stretch…

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The actress is slowly finding happiness?

According to the weekly “Rewia”, Agata Kulesza has recently approached an actor. Apparently, she gets along perfectly with Przemysław Bluszcz. The actress has known him for many years, and recently they met during one of the plays of the Ateneum Theatre, in which they play together. Could friendship with a colleague from work give her wings? The interested party herself does not comment on these reports in any way.

It is worth adding that the matter is slightly complicated by one fact. Because Ivy is still formally married to Anna Wieczurwith whom he has been associated for over 20 years. “Rewia” reports that although their separation is confirmed, they have never divorced.

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Agata Kulesza and Przemysław Bluszcz

Agata Kulesza

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