Entertainment Agata muceniece walked in plaid MIDI dress and sandals

Agata muceniece walked in plaid MIDI dress and sandals

The actress enjoyed a Victory parade from the window of his apartment, and then went with the children on nature.

Agata Muceniece. photo: .instagram.com/agataagata/

Agata muceniece recently gone through a divorce with Paul Priluchny. The couple broke up after 9 years of relationship. At first it seemed that the brewing scandal. The actor put his wife and children out of the house that they bought. But the girl did not get mad at him. It turned out later, the star of the series “C” bouts of anger, and informed wife they were put up. Agatha now lives in his apartment with daughter MIA and son Timothy. And Priluchny from time to time takes the heirs to his guests and takes them on tour.

Recently, Paul took the children to St. Petersburg. Now the kids are again with mom. Agatha assured that she was not a burden to take care of the heirs. Additionally, it was hard to play sports, so almost every day starts with Jogging. 24 Jun muceniece enjoyed the Victory parade from the window as helicopters and planes flew very close to the house. Her children watched with admiration for military aircraft.

Photo: .instagram.com/agataagata/

And then the actress took the kids for a walk. She was dressed in a plaid MIDI dress with buttons and sandals. Girl hair gathered in a ponytail. Timothy and MIA were in shorts and t-shirts. In the area where the star lives, I want to cut down birch alley, but the residents oppose this idea. The artist also came to the defense of nature. She and the children took pictures on the background of one of the posters. Fans marveled at the responsiveness of Agatha. Many also noted that it looks like the perfect mom in your bright dress.

By the way, later, the actress along with children left the city. They decided to spend a holiday by the pool sunbathing and swimming.



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