Entertainment Agathe Auproux bursts into "sobs" she expresses herself!

Agathe Auproux bursts into “sobs” she expresses herself!

Agathe Auproux: Containment is seriously starting to affect everyone’s morale. We laugh for nothing and we cry for nothing, everyone is a little on edge. And Agathe Auproux, who has to go through the same range of moods, has lately been unable to hide her emotion in front of a television program. Nightmare in cooked, moderated by Philippe Etchebest, presents restaurants on the verge of bankruptcy. The starred cook tries to put them back on track and is very hard on their possessions. What happened to Agathe Auproux to crack?

Complicated management of emotions in confinement

It was two days ago that the television drama was played. Agathe Auproux shares an Instagram story in which she is in tears in front of Philippe Etchebest’s show. The former columnist of Do not touch My TV was completely confused by the story that was playing out before her. Watching TV is a trivial activity. But in confinement, everything takes on new proportions. Thus, Agathe Auproux’s emotion in front of the Kitchen nightmare becomes an event for her fans who hope she has since dried her tears.

Why Agathe Auproux is crying in front of her television?

Agathe Auproux is overcome with emotion because of the touching story of a man who struggles to save his restaurant. For nearly 25 years he fought for his restaurant to stand up. He takes pains even if according to Philippe Etchebest, he always goes awry. So Agathe Auproux no longer holds and cracks. In tears at the very touching story of this man, she shares her dismay in a story on Instagram. She thus finds comfort in some of her fans and friends who are also following the show. And, like Agathe Auproux, they are also completely upset by what they are seeing.

Agathe Auproux bursts into tears she expresses herself!

Admittedly the situation is destabilizing but would not containment be exaggerating everything? The emotions that we encounter in this particular circumstance necessarily take on greater magnitude than normal. We are confined so we are more with ourselves. And so we are less likely to be able to run away from the emotions that go through us. This explains why many confined people have started meditation, for example. Meditation is a fun way to learn to manage your emotions and to regain calm and serenity.

All’s well That ends well

Fortunately, the story ends well otherwise Agathe Auproux might not have recovered yet. And just like the grief she had at the beginning of the story told by the M6 ​​group channels, she is very enthusiastic to see that the story ends well. The restaurant of this charming gentleman is saved and he will be able to continue to live from his passion. And especially in much better conditions than he had been able to do so far.

Cooking and Agathe Auproux, a story that goes back to the origins of her mother

It must also be said that Agathe Auproux and cooking is a great love story. You can find cooking recipes in the beauty’s saved stories on Instagram. One of them is his famous spring roll recipe. Agathe Auproux’s mother is of Vietnamese origin, so the former columnist for Do not touch My TV masters this art. She suggests that her subscribers try to make them homemade. A success if we are to believe the comments that flourish under one of Agathe Auproux’s latest Instagram publications.

And cooking is not the only activity that Agathe Auproux offers to these fans on Instagram

Indeed, you can also enjoy musical sessions and dictations. Agathe Auproux does everything possible to stay close to her fans during confinement and try to entertain them. So, she animated Instagram lives in which she did dictations. Away from school, you have to keep practicing to keep the basic rules of writing stuck in your mind. And for total relaxation, fans of Agathe Auproux try singing, rap and music. The former columnist of Do not touch My TV is absolutely under the spell of its subscribers who show unsuspected talents.

What to occupy everyone’s evening, in a good mood. And to put everyone in the same boat, Agathe also lent herself to the song. Accompanied by Tibz as a duo, she takes on the role of Jasmine in a nice interpretation of the song This blue dream from Disney.


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