Agathe Auproux, dependent on cosmetic surgery? She finally answers!


Agathe Auproux makes her fans dream with her naturalness and her frankness. The woman finally revealed if she had already resorted to cosmetic surgery.

Agathe Auproux is always very nice on social networks. He wanted to clarify things about his beauty routine and if he was doing cosmetic surgery.

Agathe Auproux: dependent on cosmetic surgery?

Agathe Auproux became known in No to my phone in C8. Since September the editorialist has worked on the Balance ton Post program. It always seems to be appreciated by the publialthough it is very sincere. Moreover, it is for one of these reasons that her fans love her so much and follow her on Instagram!

The editorialist often shares his photos on Instagram. She looks sexy and always seems to have the form. Fans are wondering if the young woman has ever resorted to cosmetic surgery. Thus, Agathe Auproux wanted to clarify things. He guarantees that he has never touched anything on his body and be a very natural woman!

"No cosmetic surgery, never hair coloring or extension or what I know, never fake nails, zero-zero piercing tattoo" stating however that"You can be natural with all that, actually, it's more a question of how to be," he said on Instagram.

Agathe Auproux: make a joke on Instagram!

A few days ago, Agathe Auproux was discussed on social networks. Chronicler & # 39; s Post reporter on the C8 unveiled a picture of Tinton and Captain Haddock kissing. The drawing is a mural and is in Paris. Internet users have found this shocking fresco while others have totally defended homosexuality as desired by the editorialist.

Agathe Auproux is known for its frankness and does not hesitate to renew people. So, faced with criticism on his photo, this last pushed a shot.

"Explain to your" innocent son "that Tintin can love whoever he wants, and that all is well, and that nothing changes, I am stunned by all your reactions." Stop thinking that homophobia is an opinion or an opinion. "She had said.

Agathe Auproux seems to propose her convictions on social networks and it is clear that she is not afraid to put people in their place!