Agathe Auproux explains why he chose to reveal his cancer


BALANCE TON POST – He wanted to "break a taboo". The editorialist of "Don't Touch My Post" Agathe Auproux, who announced Monday she was diagnosed with cancer, explained this Thursday March 14 in "Say hello to your post" because she chose to reveal her illness.

"I went through a phase of complete denial," the 27-year-old said, explaining that he initially wanted to hide that he had lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, the main part of the body's immune system. "I absolutely wanted to continue the program, I didn't want anyone to know because I expected reactions that I didn't want to receive," he said, indicating that she had been diagnosed "in October-November" and started treatment "in mid-December."

But the reporter says he finally found himself in a "completely schizophrenic" situation. "I had a kind of double life inside and outside the hospital, and on Instagram, where I share daily with the people who follow me, I found a little dishonest" pretending to continue Agathe Auproux.

"It has become unhealthy to hide it"

"Well, I have to tell you something, I have cancer, I have lymphoma, I have been on chemotherapy since mid-December and for another three months I am often in hospital, I am very tired, I lose my hair, I have a catheter that I hate put under my skin, but all is well, all is well, I am resting, I will not die, I am responding very well to treatment ", wrote the columnist Monday. Instagram.

Well, I have to tell you something. I have cancer. Lymphoma exactly. I have been on chemotherapy since mid-December and for another three months. I am often in the hospital, I am very tired, I lose my hair, I have a catheter that I hate under the skin. But it's all right. Everything is alright. Rest I will not die I respond very well to treatment. I just needed to stop lying, or at least stop pretending here in front of you every day. I am doing a job with photos and I thought it would be easier to keep everything for myself. Eventually he became completely schizophrenic and oppressive. It is healthier to take it. Relieves me. I am absolutely not ashamed of being sick. I'm sick And I'll heal. My body is home to cancer cells that I'm fighting, my energy is in excellent shape. I no longer give space to cancer in my life than in those cells. My infinite gratitude to the medical and hospital staff that has accompanied me since the beginning (from September 2018 and the first tests before making a diagnosis, seven months already!), And to my relatives who live with me. A thought for those affected by the disease, near and far. I am with you, with all my heart. Here it is. So he says, and it is shown. I feel better already I'm not looking for attention or compassion, I'm just glad you know it. For my tranquility, which is fundamental and which I hope to find again with this step of the truth. With all my love. Take care of yourself.

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Agathe Auproux, who joined Cyril Hanouna's team in 2017, says she feels "better in life" every day "since she revealed her illness." It had become unhealthy to hide it, I was putting turtlenecks every day, I'm not putting this pressure on myself, what drove me crazy was the flow of reactions, messages, people who told me they were in similar cases, "he says.

The young woman says she received "many messages from the body of the hospital telling me that when we can have an echo, a voice, a resonance, especially if my cancer affects young people in particular, it is important to trivialize it to make it less taboo ".

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