Age of Empires 4 shows the Russian and Roman campaign in this new ‘gameplay’

Age of Empires 4 has presented two of his campaigns in a trailer with gameplay shown at Gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live: The Rise of Moscow and The Holy Roman Empire. The title from Relic Entertainment, Worlds Edge and Xbox Game Studios will be available on October 28 on PC (Steam and Xbox Game Pass). You can watch the video below.

Although the footage is short, it serves to show new units for both factions. For the russianAmong others, the warrior monks are presented, who will serve to fight and to convert from religion. For him Holy Roman Empire Rugged units and a number of buildings that stand out for having reinforced structures have been announced.

There was a closed beta in early August

In early August, Relic Entertainment celebrate a closed beta from Age of Empires 4; It is presumable that before its launch next October there will be a test open to all players. The study promises to have recovered the essence of the saga, but they assure that the title will be enjoyable for series veterans and newbies alike.

You can check the rest of the news from Gamescom 2021 at this link.


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