Agency: “Hezbollah” is impatient with blocking the roads and warns against interfering

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Today, Tuesday, Lebanese media revealed that the Lebanese “Hezbollah” is losing patience with the blocking of roads leading to the southern towns.

وذكرت The Lebanese “Al-Nashra” agency, quoting private sources, said that the Lebanese “Hezbollah” conveyed its warnings to those concerned, both security and non-security, regarding the blocking of roads leading to southern Lebanon by some protesters.

According to the agency, cutting off the southern highway from time to time in the Naameh and Khaldeh neighborhoods is a matter that the party can no longer bear and will intervene if “this farce does not stop.”

Cairo Lebanon is currently in what the World Bank describes as the worst economic crisis the world has seen in a century and a half; The financial situation has deteriorated since the fall of 2019, and the national currency has depreciated more than 10 times against the US dollar, which has led to an increase in the prices of unsubsidized products by more than 400%.

This comes at a time of increasing shortages in medicines, gasoline and electricity, as a result of the decline in foreign currency reserves in the Central Bank.

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