News Agents fear being fooled

Agents fear being fooled

Beneficiary attendants whose training has just ended are still afraid of being cheated by the Legault government, which they ask to keep its commitment by paying them the salary of $ 26 / h that was promised to them.

“The only time we were told about our salary was before training, to bait us. But after that, we had no new information on that, until [la semaine dernière] », Denounces a new beneficiary attendant in Montreal who requested anonymity, like all the others with whom The newspaper spoke, for fear of reprisals.

On May 27, Prime Minister François Legault announced the establishment of accelerated paid training to train 10,000 beneficiary attendants (PAB) in CHSLDs.

He then promised that the hourly wage offered at the end of this training was to be $ 26 / h, or $ 49,000 per year.

In return, the future PABs thus trained had to work at least one year full-time in a CHSLD, under penalty of having to reimburse their scholarship which amounts to $ 9,120.

However, although the Legault government reiterated its position until recently (see below), the new employees had to sign a notice of engagement at a salary of $ 20.55 / h in the last few days.

Temporary bonuses

Pending the signing of the new collective agreement which could take weeks or even months, and which will include a base salary of $ 26 / h, the government has added several bonuses that increase the salary of new employees to 25.60 $ / h (see below).

However, two of them, totaling $ 4.40, are only in place for the duration of the health crisis. If we trust the government’s promises, they should be replaced later by another bonus, if the agreement was not signed before the end of the crisis.

A note from the Ministry of Health was to be sent to future attendants explaining these modalities in detail.

But as many did not receive it before the signing of their contract, they fear they have been cheated and denounce the lack of communication in this file.

Not surprised

Jeff Begley, president of the Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux (FSSS – CSN) which represents these workers, said he understood the frustration and uncertainty of the employees. However, he is not surprised at the situation.

“We knew from the start that we would never reach the promised $ 26 / h, we did not understand how [Legault] could do it. And when the pandemic is over, the salary will decrease significantly, ”he believes, stressing that the lump sum allocated to work in a CHSLD will be withdrawn as of September 30.

” Illogical “

The problem is such that several students left the training at the very end of it, reports the president of the FSSS-CSN.

A new employee in Saguenay is also thinking of returning to her old pharmacy job, like several of her colleagues. “The government will have trained 10,000 people, but will lose half because the agreement is not respected. It doesn’t make sense, ”she laments.

Other individuals who have taken the training recall that many of them did not really need this job, but that they made a commitment to help their neighbor.

“I had a functioning business, with a good salary and good conditions, but I decided to go into training to make a difference! But in the end, we were lied to, ”slice an employee from Quebec.

Jeff Begley

Photo d’archives, Simon Clark

May 27, 2020

“We are talking about full-time jobs, with all social and other benefits, with a salary of $ 940 per week ($ 26 / h), $ 49,000 per year, following training […] during which people would receive a salary of $ 760 per week. ” —François Legault during the announcement of an accelerated three-month training course to recruit 10,000 attendants who will go to work in a CHSLD

Aug 21, 2020

“Once the training is over, on September 15, it’s $ 26 an hour; $ 49,000 per year. That is very clear, non-negotiable. And it will be in the collective agreement. Then, as long as the collective agreement is not signed, that is what will be paid. “ —François Legault, responding to concerns raised by attendants, reiterates his commitment regarding the salaries of future attendants

  • Current salary 20,55 $
  • Non-overlap premium (2%) 0,41 $
  • Prime COVID (8 %)** 1,64 $
  • Lump sum in CHSLD $ 180/750 hours 0,24 $
  • Lump sum for full time ($ 100 / week)** 2,76 $

Subtotal * 25,60 $

* Other premiums may apply in the event of a COVID outbreak or according to work shifts

** These bonuses are only offered during the health crisis

Source: Notice of engagement from the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale

Like the one in this photo, six new patient attendants to whom Le Journal spoke requested anonymity for fear of reprisal.

Photo Chantal Poirier

Like the one in this photo, six new patient attendants Le Journal spoke to requested anonymity for fear of reprisal.

“We kept our commitment: we followed the training, the courses, the internship, even if it was difficult. Learning a trade in just a few weeks was really intense. But there, it is the government which does not respect us! ” –A future PAB of Montreal

“We have very good values, we want to help, but we shouldn’t take ourselves for idiots either. Today, it is not a question of money, but a question of principle. ” –A future PAB of Quebec

“We not only lied to people who registered for this training in the face by promising these $ 26 an hour, we also lied to all Quebecers. ” –A future PAB of Montreal

“I sacrificed my job to do this training, and today, if I do not sign the hiring document, I must repay the scholarship they gave us, while I have respected my commitment by following classes and doing my internship. ” –A future PAB of Montreal

“I don’t find that correct. I don’t see why we should respect our one-year contract, if [le gouvernement] does not live up to its end of the bargain. This is not what we were promised. ” –A future PAB of Quebec

“If it stays that way, I’ll go back to work in the pharmacy with the same salary and I won’t have to work nights or evenings. They [le gouvernement] really fooled us. ” –A future PAB for Saguenay


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