Aggregates: "We will have to replace tolls for another system"


The Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, says that it is necessary to look for a model to "self-finance" the cost of maintaining over 20,000 kilometers of high capacity road network in Spain. Next month, the AP-1 motorway concession (linking Burgos and the Basque Country) will end next year and the southern section of AP-7 will end next year (Tarragona -Valencia). After the PSOE had insisted on the need to remove the barriers and eliminate tolls, the minister now commits himself to "open a debate among all political parties" on how to pay in the future the maintenance of the communication channels Ábalos explained it in his intervention at the Economic Sessions of S & # 39; Agaró.

"Till now [el manteniment] It has been covered with budget items, but not all needs have been covered. In fact, in recent years the road network has grown and games for conservation have been reduced, "said Ábalos, which is why the state will create a sub-commission to the Congress to study and analyze all the possible models to make the road network sustainable. high capacity, which costs more than a billion maintenance every year. "The government will not impose any specific model, there are all options on the table," said the minister, who also anticipates as an option the system defended by the Generalitat to adopt the Swiss model, where only one annual fee is paid to be able to use all roads.

Now, Ábalos warned that he expected the political parties to face the "rationality" debate and accused the Partido Popular because "he has now discovered the freeway of the motorways and, when they have governed, they have extended all the concessions for 25 o 26 years ". For the time being, the Minister of Public Works has reiterated that the concessions of the highways that will end this legislature will become free. This will be the case of the AP-1 motorway in Burgos and the AP-7 stretch between Tarragona and the country of Valencia, but it is not clear what will happen with the AP-7 stretch between Tarragona and the French border, ending in 2021.

Insistence in the budget

On the negotiation of state budgets, the Minister of Public Works stated that there was still time to negotiate and "continue to insist" to get the necessary support. Moreover, he believes that territorial investments "can be an incentive to negotiate" with other parties, even if he has underlined that he considers "contradictory" that there have been parties that "ask for investments" and, at the same time, "prevent them".

In addition to the Minister of Public Works, the Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge, Maria Àngels Chacón, also participated in the Economic Sessions of S & # 39; Agaró, which defended the strength of the Catalan economy, "which has grown by 2 , 7% in the third quarter, despite the catastrophic forecasts and the pending infrastructures ". In addition, he took advantage of the Spanish minister's presence to remind him: "We have every right in the world to want a state of our own because we are convinced that we will be better than before."


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