Agnese Zeltina has a grandson – daughter Marija has given birth to a boy

Actress Agnese Zeltina’s daughter Marija Romija gave life to her second child – a boy has been born.

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Zeltiņa’s daughter Marija Romija Jansone has given birth to a boy.

“We are extremely happy and excited to announce that a son joined our family last week! Thank you for the love and support we have received. We feel good and enjoy every moment,” says Marija, who is active on social media, while banning her from being republished in the media.

In the announcement of the family supplement, Marija has placed a picture of the little boy, which also shows the hands of the child and the child’s father.

The child’s name has not yet been made public by the parents.

The newborn is a brother of Mila Jasmine, who is now almost eight years old. Little Love with maternal care is also an Instagram model with her own account.

The first child of 27-year-old Maria and 51-year-old Inta Janson was born in February 2012, when Mary was 19 years old. The couple officially married recently. For actress Agnese Zeltina, the newborn boy is the second grandchild.

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