Agnieszka Hy¿y hid her pregnancy because she was afraid of a miscarriage. Even the children and her mother did not know. “I tried not to be happy”

Agnieszka Hyży in August, she shared information about her pregnancy via Instagram and showed a large belly. She honestly admitted that she was struggling to get pregnant and at that time she needed peace. This is not the only reason – the journalist had miscarried several times, so she did not inform anyone but her husband about another such condition, Grzegorz Hyżym.

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Agnieszka Hyży at the first event after the announcement of pregnancy

Agnieszka Hyży did not tell anyone about her pregnancy

Agnieszka Hyży about the reason why she hid her pregnancy for so long, she told in an interview with the leaders of “Cities of Women”. The journalist had great concerns because she experienced the pain of a miscarriage several times. When the test showed two lines a few months ago, she did not even intend to inform her relatives about it. Only she and Grzegorz knew.

We learned not to inform our loved ones about pregnancy. The fact that there were previous ones, and more than one, I did not admit to my mother until the fifth or sixth month. There was great surprise on her part why this was so. It was enough for me that I had to experience this information myself and I did not want others to be embarrassed.

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Agnieszka tried to prepare for the fact that she would enjoy the real joy of pregnancy almost in the ninth month. She didn’t want to be disappointed. Grzegorz had an even greater distance.

Grzegorz is an introvert, he is generally rather closed to life. He expresses emotions differently, for example in his songs. Each time it was overworked by him alone. Even when I was trying to be happy, he would pull back and pull me down quickly. He said: The fact that I am not screaming does not mean that I am not alive. Each time we approached the subject indifferently so as not to suffer. Only we knew about it. During the summer holidays, the children found out where it was already beginning to show.

Hyży she had been trying to get pregnant for a long time – so much so that she finally gave up. She was also not ready for the possible in-vitro.

I’ve already stated that by the time I’m forty I won’t be able to implement my plan and I won’t get pregnant. We gave up. I was also not ready to undertake a long, many years of medical struggle.

Agnieszka Hyży has already chosen a name for the baby?A. Hyży talks about pregnancy. He is eight months old, but he doesn’t know the baby’s gender yet

We hope that everything will be fine and Agnieszka will welcome you healthy soon kid.

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