Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak showed a salon and a huge tattoo on her leg

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak informed that Good Morning TVN is back on air after summer break. The journalist also boasted about the salon and a large tattoo on her leg. See photos.

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak is one of the biggest stars of TVN station. The journalist has been fulfilling the air for years, and has recently gained even greater popularity by appearing on the morning breakfast program. In September, at least a year since together with Ewa Drzyzga they have been performing well as leaders. The first female duo by w Good morning TVN viewers liked it very much. It also quickly turned out that the new housewives get on well with each other. This is surprising in view of the fact that they have not previously cooperated and they only knew each other by sight.

There are many situations when we do not get along very well, we do not talk about the topic, and yet we are able to complement each other. This is a big positive surprise for me. This is a rarity – said Ewa Drzyzga some time ago.

Over the past month, journalists have appeared on the air much less frequently. All because in July breakfast was broadcast only on weekends. There was a time of blissful rest and holiday laziness for them.

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak praised the salon

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak enjoys great popularity among viewers. After each program with her participation in the network, there is no shortage of compliments. The journalist has gained the recognition of fans over the years of her work on the air. They are also eager to follow her online activities. Agnieszka’s profile is watched by over 589 thousand. people. This is a really great result. Its fans can see on the web what the backstage of their favorite’s work looks like, as well as its everyday life.

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The host of the morning show just revealed that from tomorrow Good morning TVN will appear on the air regularly. She also admitted that she missed herself after a long break.

End of the lab, you will have to move from this couch in a moment! From tomorrow @dziendobrytvn daily from 9am to 11.30am. At the request of our viewers, we come back after a month’s break. And great because I already missed you. Together with Ewa, we will welcome you next Wednesday, we invite you and see you.

On the occasion of this photo, you can see what Agnieszka’s salon looks like. It has a turquoise sofa with soft cushions. The walls are painted in a light and warm shade of beige. Just behind the comfortable sofa, on which the star rests, there is a small white chest of drawers with a wooden top, on which there are two lamps that perfectly match the colors of the surroundings. It is impossible not to pay attention to her shapely legs and a large tattoo on the left ankle, i.e. a beautiful flower. Did you know that Agnieszka has such a decorated body?

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