Agreement to call off the strike: 21,000 euros minimum wage this year and 28,000 (with variables) in 2025

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The media focus of Spanish women’s soccer He has changed his look. Of the Stadium Australia from Sydney in which the team touched the World Cup sky San Bernardo Streetnumber 20 of Madridheadquarters of Interconfederal Mediation and Arbitration Service (SIMA), bridge between Women’s League (League F) and the unions that represent the female footballers in a strike that has finally found its outcome. Because maybe they don’t know it, but Spanish women’s football, the same one that raised the world Cup 25 days ago in Oceaniahad been on strike for days, had not celebrated the first day of its domestic competition and has fought in days of eternal negotiations to find a point of agreement on the minimum salary to be paid to the soccer players in its league.

Yesterday, around midnight, employers and unions, League and footballersthey sealed the peace, they signed a pre-agreement and they gave the green light to the start of a competition that cannot move so far from the World Cup focus. «We must take advantage of the media boom. We cannot wait any longer to start the league or we will lose drawing power,” sources from the conversation told this newspaper yesterday. No sooner said than done.

After a marathon of negotiations, especially during the last two days, with 12-hour days on Tuesday and eight hours yesterday, SIMA’s last-minute action opened the door to agreement. The organization put on the table an agreement with a minimum salary of 21,000 euros for the 2023-24 season, 22,000 for 24-25 and 23,000 for 25-26, which was the basis for the final signature: from 21,000 to 28,000 in three seasons.

2023/24 season: 21,000 euroswhich can be increased up to 23.000 euros based on the growth of the competition’s commercial income.

2024/25 season: 22,500 euroswhich can be increased up to 25.000 euros based on the growth of the competition’s commercial income.

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