Agribusiness giant makes a million dollar investment in SC

Group intends to invest R$442 million, generating more than 600 job openings

O JBS Group, owner of several brands linked to agribusiness in Brazil, will make a millionaire investment in the Planalto Norte de Santa Catarina.

With the release of environmental licenses by the state government, R$ 442 million will be invested in the modernization and expansion of a Seara Alimentos unit in Itaiópolis and the biodiesel unit in Mafra.

Environmental license was delivered to Grupo JBS by the state government in Itaiópolis – Photo: Divulgação/SAR

“These are investments that benefit the entire society of Santa Catarina, with the generation of new jobs. We are partners in the productive sector and we will work together to drive new business and the expansion of companies in Santa Catarina”, said Governor Carlos Moisés.

JBS will direct R$ 262 million to expand the poultry slaughterhouse, feed and premix plant in Itaiópolis. The company will start working in three shifts, creating 673 new job openings in the 12 municipalities in the region – reaching 2,180 direct employees.

The expansion will also have an impact in the field. There will be 16 new integrated producers and 63 more aviaries serving the Itaiópolis unit. The company intends to increase monthly production by 1.4 thousand tons, going to 7.8 thousand tons of finished product/month.

“The investments are extremely important for Santa Catarina. And the agro-industrial sector recognizes this. In 2021, agribusinesses installed in the state are investing around R$ 3 billion in improvements and expansions. These investments place Santa Catarina once again in the focus of distribution, production and development added to a sustainable chain, which goes from the farmer to the productive industrial process”, emphasizes the executive manager of the Meat Industries Union (Sindicarnes-SC ), Jorge Luiz de Lima.

The Itaiópolis plant supplies 12 countries, including demanding markets such as Japan, Chile, the United States and Canada. The company is responsible for 30.5% of the Gross Domestic Product of the municipality.

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The JBS group is also investing in the expansion of the biodiesel unit in Mafra. There will be R$ 180 million in investments, which should boost the region’s economic development.

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