Agrik's agents evaded taxes when they extend the contract with Real. Savings of 6 million –


The agents of Real Luka Modrica's midfielder have fraudulently avoided paying taxes when the player has signed a new contract with the club.

The Croatian midfielder, who has played for the club since 2012, has extended the agreement with Real Madrid in 2014 (his salary has increased to 10 million euros the year) and in 2016 (to 12 , 7 million).

In both cases, the interests of a player as an agent were represented by Top Sports Consulting, whose owner is Zoran Lemich. The company is registered in the Republika Srpska Entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, as it became known to Football Leaks, the real agent of Modric is the brother of Zoran Lemich, Vladik Lemich. His company Reina, registered in Belgium, in 2012, when Luka passed from Tottenham to Real, received two million euros as a commission.

Vladik Lemich used his brother's company to extend the contract with Modric because the tax on this type of business in Bosnia and Herzegovina is much lower than in Belgium (10% against 33%).

In 2014, when the Croatian extended the contract with Real for the first time, Vladik Lemich received € 2.4 million as a commission from his brother's Bosnian company, and in 2016 – € 1.5 million.

Football Leaks claims that Modrica agents Vladik Lemich and Predrag Miyatovic through the aforementioned Top Sports Consulting have organized several transfer operations. In the period 2014-2017, the company earned 26 million euros with a tax of only 10%. The savings, therefore, amounted to 6 million euros compared to whether all the transactions had been carried out in the Belgian company Lemich.

"Such a scheme is a typical example of fraud," said Denis Emmanuel Philippe, professor of tax law at the University of Liège, Denis Emmanuel.

His opinion was confirmed by other experts. Vladik Lemich, his brother Zoran and Predrag Miyatovic refused to comment on this situation.

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